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Structural Biology

High-throughput cloning, expression in bacteria, purification of recombinant proteins


The cloning, expression and protein purification high-throughput facility can perform all the steps from gene or multi-genes cloning to purified protein samples. This service uses innovative high-throughput strategies and methodologies that have been developed and validated in the lab using state-of-the-art equipment in partnerships with several structural genomics projects (ASG, X-TB, SPINE, SPINE II, EMEP, VIZIER, VENOMICS). Since its launch, several thousands of protein samples have been produced by this facility for customers or collaborators. A large portfolio of automated protocols is available, e.g. a protein-DNA interaction assay (HTP SELEX 96) or a protein-protein interaction assay (HTP Pull-Down or HTP Hold-up in 96/384). New methods can be custom-developed for specific projects. This portfolio of new protocols is accessible once these methods are published. This service is closely linked to the biophysical and crystallography facilities of the lab.


Academics and industrials

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Specific equipment

  • 1 liquid handling Tecan Freedon EVO 200 equipped with a 96 tips head, an 8-pipette arm, a plate gripper
  • 1 liquid handling Tecan Genesis 200 equipped with an 8-pipette arm, a plate gripper and a 96/384 UV-fluorescence reader
  • 1 Perkin Elmer GX II capillary electrophoresis system for 96/384 sample analysis
  • 1 dedicated minifors culture incubator for bacterial cultures with a maximum capacity of 48 DW24 or 48 DW96
  • 1 AKTA Xpress chromatography system at 4°C equipped with 4 autonomous modules


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