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Désordre structural et reconnaissance moléculaire

Les publications de l’équipe

Responsable Sonia LONGHI


  1. The Henipavirus V protein is a prevalently unfolded protein with a zinc-finger domain involved in binding to DDB1 (2017)
    Salladini E, Delauzun V and Longhi S.
    Mol Biosyst in press PMID:0
  2. Analyzing the folding and binding steps of an intrinsically disordered protein by protein engineering (2017)
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  3. How order and disorder within paramyxoviral nucleoproteins and phosphoproteins orchestrate the molecular interplay of transcription and replication. (2017)
    Longhi S, Bloyet LM, Gianni S and Gerlier D. .
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  3. How disordered is my protein and what is its disorder for? A guide through the dark side of the protein universe. (2016)
    Lieutaud P, Ferron F, Uversky AV, Kurgan L, Uversky VN and Longhi S..
    Intrinsically Disordered Proteins 4:1 e1259708 PMID:0
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