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Offres d’emploi

Dernier ajout : 17 décembre 2018.

  • Position post-doctorale en glycobiologie structurale

    17 décembre 2018

    A post-doctoral position funded by the ANR project GAGOsynth is available for a structural biologist in the team “Structural Glycobiology and Neurobiology” at the AFMB laboratory, Marseille, France. We are seeking for an enthusiastic, highly motivated and creative individual with solid knowledge and expertise in structural biology and biochemistry to investigate the structure-function relationships of enzyme complexes involved in heparan sulfate (HS) biosynthesis in collaboration with the (...)

  • Appel à candidatures pour le programme ATIP-Avenir 2020

    9 octobre 2018

    The AFMB laboratory is seeking candidate applications for the next (2020) ATIP-Avenir program ( - - aimed at enabling young scientists with a PhD obtained within the last 10 years to create and lead a team focusing on an independent scientific program. Particular attention will be given to research projects associated to structural biology using cryo electron microscopy, yet (...)

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