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Organisational Chart

Director: Yves Bourne
Adjunct directors: Alain Roussel - Bruno Canard

Research Teams

Glycogenomics Bernard Henrissat - Nicolas Terrapon
Host-pathogen interactions Alain Roussel
Structural Disorder and Molecular Recognition Sonia Longhi
Structural Glycobiology and Neurobiology Yves Bourne - Pascale Marchot
Viral Replicases: Structure, function and drug-design Bruno Canard
Viral Macromolecular Complexes Juan Reguera

Core Facilities

CAZy Bioinformatics Bernard Henrissat
Structural Biology Alain Roussel
High-throughput cloning, expression in bacteria, and purification of recombinant proteins Renaud Vincentelli
Recombinant protein production in eukaryotic systems Claire Debarnot
Crystallogenesis and crystallography Véronique Zamboni - Gerlind Sulzenbacher - Philippe Cantau
Biophysical techniques Maria Maté
Electron microscopy Silvia Spinelli - Philippe Cantau
VHHs-nanobodies Alain Roussel
Screening Platform Marseille-Luminy (PCML) Jean-Claude Guillemot

Support Services

Administrative and financial management Patricia Clamecy - Brigitte Pieulle-Mincé
Informatics Vincent Bayle - Denis Patrat
Infrastructure and Logistics Paul Zamboni
Health and Safety (H&S)
Pathogenic Microorganisms and Toxins (PMT)
Prevention assistant (PA)
Radiation Protection Officer (RPO)
Transport of Hazardous Substances (THS)
Paul Zamboni
Cécilia Eydoux
Véronique Fattorini
Barbara Selisko
Brigitte Pieulle-Mincé
Continuous education Patricia Clamecy
Communication Florence Vincent
Scientific culture Gerlind Sulzenbacher
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