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  1. C-type cytochrome-initiated reduction of bacterial lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases (2021)
    Branch J, Rajagopal BS, Paradisi A, Yates N, Lindley PJ, Smith J, Hollingsworth K, Turnbull B, Henrissat B, Parkin A, Berry A, Hemsworth GR
    [Biochem. J.] in press
  2. Symbiotic nitrogen fixation in the reproductive structures of a basidiomycete fungus (2021)
    Koch RA, Yoon GM, Aryal UK, Lail K, Amirebrahimi M, LaButti K, Lipzen A, Riley R, Barry K, Henrissat B, Grigoriev IV, Herr JR, Aime MC.
    [Curr. Biol.] in press
  3. The enzymes for genome size increase and maintenance of large (+)RNA viruses (2021)
    Ferron F, Sama B, Decroly E, Canard B
    [Trends Biochem Sc] in press
  4. System-oriented optimization of multi-target 2,6-diaminopurine derivatives: Easily accessible broad-spectrum antivirals active against flaviviruses, influenza virus and SARS-CoV-2 (2021)
    Vicenti I, Martina MG, Boccuto A, De Angelis M, Giavarini G, Dragoni F, Marchi S, Trombetta C M, Crespan E, Maga G, Eydoux C, Decroly E, Montomoli E, Nencioni L, Zazzi M, Radi M
    [ Eur J Med Chem] In press
  5. Evaluating microbiome-directed fibre snacks in gnotobiotic mice and humans (2021)
    Delannoy-Bruno O, Desai C, Raman AS, Chen RY, Hibberd MC, Cheng J, Han N, Castillo JJ, Couture G, Lebrilla CB, Barve RA, Lombard V, Henrissat B, Leyn SA, Rodionov DA, Osterman AL, Hayashi DK, Meynier A, Vinoy S, Kirbach K, Wilmot T, Heath AC, Klein S, Barratt MJ, Gordon JI
    [Nature] 595 : 91-95
  6. Display of the human mucinome with defined O-glycans by gene engineered cells (2021)
    Nason R, Bull C, Konstantinidi A, Sun L, Ye Z, Halim A, Du W, Sorensen DM, Durbesson F, Furukawa S, Mandel U, Joshi HJ, Dworkin LA, Hansen L, David L, Iverson TM, Bensing BA, Sullam PM, Varki A, Vries E, de Haan CAM, Vincentelli R, Henrissat B, Vakhrushev SY, Clausen H, Narimatsu Y
    [Nat Commun] 12(1) : 4070
  7. A new non-classical fold of varroa odorant-binding proteins reveals a wide open internal cavity (2021)
    Amigues B, Zhu J, Gaubert A, Arena S, Renzone G, Leone P, Fischer IM, Paulsen H, Knoll W, Scaloni A, Roussel A, Cambillau C, Pelosi P
    [Sci Rep] 11 : 13172
  8. Structure and sequence requirements for RNA capping at the Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis Virus RNA 5'-end (2021)
    Ortega Granda O, Valle C, Shannon A, Decroly E, Canard B, Coutard B, Rabah N
    [ J Virol] In press
  9. Polysaccharide utilization loci-driven enzyme discovery reveals BD-FAE: a bifunctional feruloyl and acetyl xylan esterase active on complex natural xylans (2021)
    Hameleers L, Penttinen L, Ikonen M, Jaillot L, Faure R, Terrapon N, Deuss PJ, Hakulinen N, Master ER, Jurak E
    [Biotechnol Biofuels] 14 : 127
  10. Genome features of Asaia sp. W12 isolated from the mosquito Anopheles stephensi reveal symbiotic traits (2021)
    Chen S, Yu T, Terrapon N, Henrissat B, Walker ED
    [Genes] 12 : 752
  11. Gut microbiome contributions to altered metabolism in a pig model of undernutrition (2021)
    Chang HW, McNulty NP, Hibberd MC, O'Donnell D, Cheng J, Lombard V, Henrissat B, Ilkayeva O, Muehlbauer MJ, Newgard CB, Barratt MJ, Lin X, Odle J, Gordon JI
    [Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A] 118 : e2024446118
  12. Simeprevir potently suppresses SARS-CoV-2 replication and synergizes with remdesivir (2021)
    Lo HS, Hui KPY, Lai HM, Khan KS, Kaur S, Huang J, Li JHZ, Chan AKN, Cheung HY, Ng KC, Ho JCW, Chen YW, Ma B, Cheung PMH, Shin D, Wang K, Lee MH, Selisko B, Eydoux C, Guillemot JC, Canard B, Wu KP, Liang PH, Dikic I, Zhong Zuo, Chan F K. L, Hui D S. C., Mok V C. T., Wong KB, Ko H, Shen Aik W, Chi Wai Chan M, Ng WL
    [ACS Cent Sci] 7 : 792-802
  13. The WHO mission report struggles to trace the origins of the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic (tribune) (2021)
    Decroly E, Claverie JM, Canard B
    [Virologie (Montrouge)] In press
  14. The methyltransferase domain of the Respiratory Syncytial Virus L protein catalyzes cap N7 and 2 O methylation (2021)
    Sutto-Ortiz P, Tcherniuk S, Ysebaert N, Abeywickrema P, Noel M, Decombe A, Debart F, Vasseur JJ, Canard B, Roymans D, Rigaux P, Eleouet JF, Decroly E
    [Plos Pathogens] May 6
  15. Dengue Virus NS5 Transcribes Metabolite-Capped, RIG-I Sensitive vRNAs (Abstract to the Biophysical Society 65th Annual Meeting) (2021)
    Schweibenz B, Solotchi M, Decroly E, Selisko B, Canard B, Patel SS
    [Biophysical J] 120 (3) Suppl 1 : 135a
  16. [The WHO mission report struggles to trace the origins of the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic] (2021)
    Decroly E, Claverie JM, Canard B
    [Virologie (Montrouge)] In press
  17. A high-throughput fluorescence polarization assay to discover inhibitors of arenavirus and coronavirus exoribonucleases (2021)
    Hernandez S, Feracci M, Trajano De Jesus C, El-Kazzi P, Kaci R, Garlatti L, Decroly E, Canard B, Ferron F, Alvarez K
    [bioRxiv] 2021.04.02.437736
  18. Furin cleaves SARS-CoV-2 spike-glycoprotein at S1/S2 and S2 prime for viral fusion/entry: indirect role of TMPRSS2 (2021)
    Essalmani R, Jain J, Susan-Resiga D, Andreo U, Evagelidis A, Mouna Derbali R, Huynh DN, Dallaire F, Laporte M, Delpal A, Sutto-Ortiz P, Coutard B, Mapa C, Wilcoxen K, Decroly E, Pham TNQ, Cohen EA, Seidah NG
    [bioRxiv] 2020.12.18.423106
  19. Fluoxetine targets an allosteric site in the enterovirus 2C AAA+ ATPase and stabilizes the hexameric complex (2021)
    Hyrduss DL, El Kazzi P, Bauer L, Papageorgiou N, Ferron FP, Donselaar T, Van Vliet ALW, Canard B, Decroly E, Brancale A, Zeev Ben Mordehai T, Forster F, Van Kuppeveld FJM, Coutard B
    [bioRxiv ] 2021.04.26.440876
  20. Combining Antivirals and Immunomodulators to Fight COVID-19. (2021)
    Feuillet V, Canard B, Trautmann A
    [Trends Immunol] 42 : 31-44
  21. Structural biology in the fight against COVID-19. (2021)
    Barcena M, Barnes CO, Beck M, Bjorkman PJ, Canard B, Gao GF, Gao Y, Hilgenfeld R, Hummer G, Patwardhan A, Santoni G, Saphire EO, Schaffitzel C, Schendel SL, Smith JL, Thorn A, Veesler D, Zhang P, Zhou Q
    [Nat Struct Mol Biol] 28 : 2-7
  22. A fluorescence-based high throughput-screening assay for the SARS-CoV RNA synthesis complex (2021)
    Eydoux C, Fattorini V, Shannon A, Le TT, Didier B, Canard B, Guillemot JC
    [J Virol Methods] 288 : 114013
  23. Observation of arenavirus nucleoprotein heptamer assembly (2021)
    Papageorgiou N, Vaitsopoulou A, Diop A, Nguyen THV, Canard B, Alvarez K, Ferron F
    [FEBS Open Bio] 11 : 1076-1083
  24. AT-527, a Double Prodrug of a Guanosine Nucleotide Analog, Is a Potent Inhibitor of SARS-CoV-2 In Vitro and a Promising Oral Antiviral for Treatment of COVID-19 (2021)
    Good SS, Westover J, Jung KH, Zhou XJ, Moussa A, La Colla P, Collu G, Canard B, Sommadossi JP
    [Antimicrob Agents Chemother] 18 : 2479-20
  25. The nucleotide addition cycle of the SARS-CoV-2 polymerase (2021)
    Bera SC, Seifert M, Kirchdoerfer RN, van Nies P, Wubulikasimu Y, Quack S, Papini FS, Arnold JJ, Canard B, Cameron CE, Depken M, Dulin D
    [bioRxiv] 2021.03.27.437309
  26. Inhibition of SARS-CoV-2 polymerase by nucleotide analogs: a single molecule perspective (2021)
    Seifert M, Bera SC, van Nies P, Kirchdoerfer RN, Shannon A, Le TT, Meng X, Xia H, Wood JM, Harris LD, Papini FS, Arnold JJ, Almo SC, Grove TL, Shi PY, Xiang Y, Canard B, Depken M, Cameron CE, Dulin D
    [bioRxiv] 2020.08.06.240325
  27. Protein-primed RNA synthesis in SARS-CoVs and structural basis for inhibition by AT-527 (2021)
    Shannon A, Fattorini V, Sama B, Selisko B, Feracci M, Falcou C, Gauffre P, El Kazzi P, Decroly E, Raba N, Alvarez K, Eydoux C, Guillemot JC, Debart F, Vasseur JJ, Noel M, Moussa A, Good S, Lin K, Sommadossi JP, Zhu Y, Yan X, Shi H, Ferron F, Canard B
    [bioRxiv] 2021.03.23.436564
  28. Community-Wide Experimental Evaluation of the PROSS Stability-Design Method (2021)
    Peleg Y, Vincentelli R, Collins BM, Chen KE, Livingstone EK, Weeratunga S, Leneva N, Guo Q, Remans K, Perez K, Bjerga GEK, Larsen O, Vanek O, Skorepa O, Jacquemin S, Poterszman A, Kjaer S, Christodoulou E, Albeck S, Dym O, Ainbinder E, Unger T, Schuetz A, Matthes S, Bader M, de Marco A, Storici P, Semrau MS, Stolt-Bergner P, Aigner C, Suppmann S, Goldenzweig A, Fleishman SJ
    [J Mol Biol] 433 : 166964
  29. Host PDZ-containing proteins targeted by SARS-Cov-2 (2021)
    Caillet-Saguy C, Durbesson F, Rezelj VV, Gogl G, Dinh Tran Q, Twizere JC, Vignuzzi M, Vincentelli R, Wolff N
    [FEBS J] in press
  30. Structural insights into the mechanisms of action of functionally distinct classes of Chikungunya virus nonstructural protein 1 inhibitors (2021)
    Kovacikova K, Gonzalez MG, Jones R, Reguera J, Gigante A, Perez-Perez MJ, Purstinger G, Moesslacher J, Langer T, Jeong LS, Delang L, Neyts J, Snijder EJ, van Westen GJP, van Hemert MJ
    [Antimicrob Agents Chemother] 65 : e0256620
  31. Insights into the evolutionary forces that shape the codon usage in the viral genome segments encoding intrinsically disordered protein regions. (2021)
    Kumar N, Kaushik R, Tennakoon C, Uversky VN, Longhi S, Zhang KYJ, Bhatia S
    [Brief Bioinform] in press
  32. Observation of arenavirus nucleoprotein heptamer assembly (2021)
    Papageorgiou N, Vaitsopoulou A, Diop A, Nguyen THV, Canard B, Alvarez K, Ferron F
    [FEBS Open Bio] 11 : 1076-1083
  33. Functional diversity of three tandem C-terminal carbohydrate-binding modules of a b-mannanase (2021)
    Moeller MS, El Bouaballati S, Henrissat B, Svensson B
    [J. Biol. Chem.] in press
  34. Discovery of fungal oligosaccharide-oxidising flavo-enzymes with previously unknown substrates, redox-activity profiles and interplay with LPMOs (2021)
    Haddad Momeni M, Fredslund F, Bissaro B, Raji O, Vuong TV, Meier S, Nielsen TS, Lombard V, Guigliarelli B, Biaso F, Haon M, Grisel S, Henrissat B, Welner DH, Master ER, Berrin JG, Abou Hachem M
    [Nat. Commun.] 12 : 2132
  35. Clinical evidence of the role of Methanobrevibacter smithii in severe acute malnutrition (2021)
    Camara A, Konate S, Tidjani Alou M, Kodio A, Togo AH, Cortaredona S, Henrissat B, Thera MA, Doumbo OK, Raoult D, Million M
    [Sci Rep] 11 : 5426
  36. Comprehensive Intrinsic Disorder Analysis of 6108 Viral Proteomes: From the Extent of Intrinsic Disorder Penetrance to Functional Annotation of Disordered Viral Proteins (2021)
    Kumar N, Kaushik R, Tennakoon C, Uversky VN, Longhi S, Zhang KYJ, Bhatia S
    [J Prot Res] 20 : 2704-2713
  37. Tracing the origins of SARS-COV-2 in coronavirus phylogenies: a review. (2021)
    Sallard E, Halloy J, Casane D, Decroly E, van Helden J
    [Environ Chem Lett. ] Feb 4: : 1-17
  38. COVID-19 epidemiologic surveillance using wastewater. (2021)
    Sharma VK, Jinadatha C, Lichtfouse E, Decroly E, van Helden J, Choi H, Chatterjee P
    [Environ Chem Lett. ] Jan 28 : 1-5
  39. First insights into the structural features of Ebola virus methyltransferase activities (2021)
    Valle C, Martin B, Ferron F, Roig-Zamboni V, Desmyter A, Debart F, Vasseur JJ, Canard B, Coutard B, Decroly E
    [Nucleic Acids Res ] 49 : 1737-1748
  40. Characterization of the First Virulent Phage Infecting Oenococcus oeni, the Queen of the Cellars (2021)
    Philippe C, Chaib A, Jaomanjaka F, Claisse O, Lucas PM, Samot J, Cambillau C, Le Marrec C
    [Front Microbiol] 11 : 596541
  41. Strain-level functional variation in the human gut microbiota based on bacterial binding to artificial food particles (2021)
    Patnode ML, Guruge JL, Castillo JJ, Couture GA, Lombard V, Terrapon N, Henrissat B, Lebrilla CB, Gordon JI
    [Cell Host Microbe] 29 : 664-673
  42. Gene family expansions and transcriptome signatures uncover fungal adaptations to wood decay (2021)
    Hage H, Miyauchi S, Viragh M, Drula E, Min B, Chaduli D, Navarro D, Favel A, Norest M, Lesage-Meessen L, Balint B, Merenyi Z, de Eugenio L, Morin E, Martinez AT, Baldrian P, Stursova M, Martinez MJ, Novotny C, Magnuson JK, Spatafora JW, Maurice S, Pangilinan J, Andreopoulos W, LaButti K, Hundley H, Na H, Kuo A, Barry K, Lipzen A, Henrissat B, Riley R, Ahrendt S, Nagy LG, Grigoriev IV, Martin F, Rosso MN
    [Environ Microbiol] in press
  43. Structural and Functional Characterization of the ABA-Water Deficit Stress Domain from Wheat and Barley: An Intrinsically Disordered Domain behind the Versatile Functions of the Plant Abscissic Acid, Stress and Ripening Protein Family (2021)
    Yacoubi I, Hamdi K, Fourquet P, Bignon C, Longhi S
    [Int J Mol Sci] 22 : 2314
  44. A High-Affinity Peptide Ligand Targeting Syntenin Inhibits Glioblastoma (2021)
    Haugaard-Kedstrom LM, Clemmensen LS, Sereikaite V, Jin Z, Fernandes EFA, Wind B, Abalde-Gil F, Daberger J, Vistrup-Parry M, Aguilar-Morante D, Leblanc R, Egea-Jimenez AL, Albrigtsen M, Jensen KE, Jensen TMT, Ivarsson Y, Vincentelli R, Hamerlik P, Andersen JH, Zimmermann P, Lee W, Stromgaard K
    [J Med Chem] 64 : 1423-1434
  45. Characterization of three bacterial glycoside hydrolase family 9 endoglucanases with different modular architectures isolated from a compost metagenome (2021)
    Ayme L, Hebert A, Henrissat B, Lombard V, Franche N, Perret S, Jourdier E, Heiss-Blanquet S
    [Biochim Biophys Acta Gen Subj] 1865 : 129848
  46. Lignin from oil palm empty fruit bunches: Characterization, biological activities and application in green synthesis of silver nanoparticles (2021)
    Zevallos Torres LA, Woiciechowski AL, Oliveira de Andrade Tanobe V, Zandona Filho A, Alves de Freitas R, Noseda MD, Saito Szameitat E, Faulds C, Coutinho P, Bertrand E, Soccol CR
    [Int J Biol Macromol] 167 : 1499-1507
  47. Capping pores of alphavirus nsP1 gate membranous viral replication factories (2021)
    Jones R, Bragagnolo G, Arranz R, Reguera J
    [Nature] 589 : 615-619
  48. Structural and dynamics analysis of intrinsically disordered proteins by high-speed atomic force microscopy. (2021)
    Kodera N, Noshiro D, Dora SK, Mori T, Habchi J, Blocquel D, Gruet A, Dosnon M, Salladini E, Bignon C, Fujioka Y, Oda T, Noda NN, Sato M, Lotti M, Mizuguchi M, Longhi S, Ando T
    [Nat Nanotechnol] 16 : 181-189
  49. Genomic analysis enlightens Agaricales lifestyle evolution and increasing peroxidase diversity (2021)
    Ruiz-Duenas FJ, Barrasa JM, Sanchez-Garcia M, Camarero S, Miyauchi S, Serrano A, Linde D, Babiker R, Drula E, Ayuso-Fernandez I, Pacheco R, Padilla G, Ferreira P, Barriuso J, Kellner H, Castanera R, Alfaro M, Ramirez L, Pisabarro AG, Riley R, Kuo A, Andreopoulos W, LaButti K, Pangilinan J, Tritt A, Lipzen A, He G, Yan M, Ng V, Grigoriev IV, Cullen D, Martin F, Rosso MN, Henrissat B, Hibbett D, Martinez AT
    [Mol Biol Evol] 38 : 1428-1446
  50. Multimodularity of a GH10 Xylanase Found in the Termite Gut Metagenome (2021)
    Wu H, Ioannou E, Henrissat B, Montanier CY, Bozonnet S, O'Donohue MJ, Dumon C
    [Appl Environ Microbiol] 87 : e01714-20
  51. Niche differentiation and evolution of the wood decay machinery in the invasive fungus Serpula lacrymans (2021)
    Hess J, Balasundaram SV, Bakkemo RI, Drula E, Henrissat B, Hogberg N, Eastwood D, Skrede I
    [ISME J.] 15 : 592-604
  52. Comparative mapping of selected structural determinants on the extracellular domains of cholinesterase-like cell-adhesion molecules (2021)
    Comoletti D, Trobiani L, Chatonnet A, Bourne Y, Marchot P
    [Neuropharmacology] 184 : 108381
  53. Proteome specialization of anaerobic fungi during ruminal degradation of recalcitrant plant fiber (2021)
    Hagen LH, Brooke CG, Shaw CA, Norbeck AD, Piao H, Arntzen MO, Olson HM, Copeland A, Isern N, Shukla A, Roux S, Lombard V, Henrissat B, O'Malley MA, Grigoriev IV, Tringe SG, Mackie RI, Pasa-Tolic L, Pope PB, Hess M
    [ISME J.] 15 : 421-434
  54. Characterization of the b-glucuronidase Pn3Pase as the founding member of glycoside hydrolase family GH169 (2021)
    Wantuch PL, Jella S, Duke JA, Mousa JJ, Henrissat B, Glushka J, Avci FY
    [Glycobiology] 31 : 266-274


  1. Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel flexible nucleoside analogues that inhibit flavivirus replication in vitro (2020)
    Thames JE, Waters CD 3rd, Valle C, Bassetto M, Aouadi W, Martin B, Selisko B, Falat A, Coutard B, Brancale A, Canard B, Decroly E, Seley-Radtke KL
    [Bioorg Med Chem] 28 : 115713
  2. Rapid incorporation of Favipiravir by the fast and permissive viral RNA polymerase complex results in SARS-CoV-2 lethal mutagenesis (2020)
    Shannon A, Selisko B, Le NT, Huchting J, Touret F, Piorkowski G, Fattorini V, Ferron F, Decroly E, Meier C, Coutard B, Peersen O, Canard B
    [Nat Commun] 11 : 4682
  3. Mutations on VEEV nsP1 relate RNA capping efficiency to ribavirin susceptibility (2020)
    Rabah N, Ortega Granda O, Querat G, Canard B, Decroly E, Coutard B
    [Antiviral Res] 182 : 104883
  4. Antiviral activity of the natural alkaloid anisomycin against dengue and Zika viruses (2020)
    Quintana VM, Selisko B, Brunetti JE, Eydoux C, Guillemot JC, Canard B, Damonte EB, Julander JG, Castilla V
    [Antiviral Res] 176 : 104749
  5. Harvesting of Prebiotic Fructooligosaccharides by Nonbeneficial Human Gut Bacteria (2020)
    Wang Z, Tauzin AS, Laville E, Tedesco P, Letisse F, Terrapon N, Lepercq P, Mercade M, Potocki-Veronese G
    [mSphere] 5 : e00771-19
  6. Isolation and Characterization of Extracellular Vesicles Secreted In Vitro by Porcine Microbiota (2020)
    Lagos L, La Rosa SL, Arntzen MO, Anestad R, Terrapon N, Gaby JC, Westereng B
    [Microorganisms] 8 : 983
  7. Interactomic affinity profiling by holdup assay: Acetylation and distal residues impact the PDZome-binding specificity of PTEN phosphatase (2020)
    Jane P, Gogl G, Kostmann C, Bich G, Girault V, Caillet-Saguy C, Eberling P, Vincentelli R, Wolff N, Trave G, Nomine Y
    [PLoS One] 15 : e0244613
  8. Dual Specificity PDZ- and 14-3-3-Binding Motifs: A Structural and Interactomics Study (2020)
    Gogl G, Jane P, Caillet-Saguy C, Kostmann C, Bich G, Cousido-Siah A, Nyitray L, Vincentelli R, Wolff N, Nomine Y, Sluchanko NN, Trave G
    [Structure] 28 : 747-759.e3
  9. A-Galactosidase and Sucrose-Kinase Relationships in a Bi-functional AgaSK Enzyme Produced by the Human Gut Symbiont Ruminococcus gnavus E1 (2020)
    Lafond M, Tauzin AS, Bruel L, Laville E, Lombard V, Esque J, Andre I, Vidal N, Pompeo F, Quinson N, Perrier J, Fons M, Potocki-Veronese G, Giardina T
    [Front Microbiol.] 11 : 579521
  10. Galactosaminogalactan activates the inflammasome to provide host protection (2020)
    Briard B, Fontaine T, Samir P, Place DE, Muszkieta L, Malireddi RKS, Karki R, Christgen S, Bomme P, Vogel P, Beau R, Mellado E, Ibrahim-Granet O, Henrissat B, Kalathur RC, Robinson C, Latge JP, Kanneganti TD
    [Nature] 588 : 688-692
  11. Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation by Intrinsically Disordered Protein Regions of Viruses: Roles in Viral Life Cycle and Control of Virus Host Interactions (2020)
    Brocca S, Grandori R, Longhi S, Uversky V
    [Int J Mol Sci] 21 : 9045
  12. Identification of the molecular determinants driving the substrate specificity of fungal lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases (LPMOs) (2020)
    Frandsen KEH, Haon M, Grisel S, Henrissat B, Lo Leggio L, Berrin JG
    [J Biol Chem] 296 : 100086
  13. Wine Phenolic Compounds Differently Affect the Host-Killing Activity of Two Lytic Bacteriophages Infecting the Lactic Acid Bacterium Oenococcus oeni (2020)
    Philippe C, Chaib A, Jaomanjaka F, Cluzet S, Lagarde A, Ballestra P, Decendit A, Petrel M, Claisse O, Goulet A, Cambillau C, Le Marrec C
    [ Viruses ] 12 : 1316
  14. Microbiota-directed fibre activates both targeted and secondary metabolic shifts in the distal gut (2020)
    Michalak L, Gaby JC, Lagos L, La Rosa SL, Hvidsten TR, Tetard-Jones C, Willats WGT, Terrapon N, Lombard V, Henrissat B, Droge J, Arntzen MO, Hagen LH, Overland M, Pope PB, Westereng B
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  15. Ensemble description of the intrinsically disordered N-terminal domain of the Nipah virus P/V protein from combined NMR and SAXS (2020)
    Schiavina M, Salladini E, Murrali MG, Tria G, Felli I, Pierattelli R, Longhi S
    [Sci Rep] 10 : 19574
  16. PED in 2021: a major update of the protein ensemble database for intrinsically disordered proteins (2020)
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    [Nucleic Acids Res] 49(D1) : D404-D411
  17. Predicting substitutions to modulate disorder and stability in coiled-coils (2020)
    Karami Y, Saighi P, Vanderhaegen R, Gerlier D, Longhi S, Laine E, Carbone A
    [BMC Bioinformatics] 21(Suppl 19) : 573
  18. A Venomics Approach Coupled to High-Throughput Toxin Production Strategies Identifies the First Venom-Derived Melanocortin Receptor Agonists (2020)
    Reynaud S, Ciolek J, Degueldre M, Saez NJ, Sequeira AF, Duhoo Y, Bras JLA, Meudal H, Cabo Diez M, Fernandez Pedrosa V, Verdenaud M, Boeri J, Pereira Ramos O, Ducancel F, Vanden Driessche M, Fourmy R, Violette A, Upert G, Mourier G, Beck-Sickinger AG, Morl K, Landon C, Fontes CMGA, Minambres Herraiz R, Rodriguez de la Vega RC, Peigneur S, Tytgat J, Quinton L, De Pauw E, Vincentelli R, Servent D, Gilles N
    [J Med Chem] 63 : 8250-8264
  19. Large-scale genome sequencing of mycorrhizal fungi provides insights into the early evolution of symbiotic traits (2020)
    Miyauchi S, Kiss E, Kuo A, Drula E, Kohler A, Sanchez-Garcia M, Morin E, Andreopoulos B, Barry KW, Bonito G, Buee M, Carver A, Chen C, Cichocki N, Clum A, Culley D, Crous PW, Fauchery L, Girlanda M, Hayes RD, Keri Z, LaButti K, Lipzen A, Lombard V, Magnuson J, Maillard F, Murat C, Nolan M, Ohm RA, Pangilinan J, Pereira MF, Perotto S, Peter M, Pfister S, Riley R, Sitrit Y, Stielow JB, Szollosi G, Zifcakova L, Stursova M, Spatafora JW, Tedersoo L, Vaario LM, Yamada A, Yan M, Wang P, Xu J, Bruns T, Baldrian P, Vilgalys R, Dunand C, Henrissat B, Grigoriev IV, Hibbett D, Nagy LG, Martin FM
    [Nature Commun.] 11 : 5125
  20. Utilization of galectins by pathogens for infection (2020)
    Ayona D, Fournier PE, Henrissat B, Desnues B
    [Front. Immunol.] 11 : 1877
  21. Investigating host-microbiome interactions by droplet-based microfluidics (2020)
    Tauzin AS, Pereira MR, Van Vliet LD, Colin PY, Laville E, Esque J, Laguerre S, Henrissat B, Terrapon N, Lombard V, Leclerc M, Dore J, Hollfelder F, Potocki-Veronese G
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