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Ingénieur IR ou IE (CDD 1 an)

 Descriptif du sujet de recherche :

The RSV is a major cause of lower respiratory tract infections and hospital visits during infancy and childhood. In the United States and Europe about 60% of infants are infected during their first year, and most of them will have been infected with the virus by 2–3 years of age. Of those infected with RSV, 2–3% will develop bronchiolitis necessitating hospitalization in some cases.

Unfortunately, no vaccine is yet available and treatment is limited to supportive care, including oxygen therapy. The RSV infection starts with the release of the ribonucleoprotein (RNP) complex in the cytoplasm of the cells containing the large (L) protein. The L protein catalyses the replication and transcription of viral RNA. In addition the C-terminal part of the L protein contains additional domains involved in the synthesis of RNA cap structure and its methylation.This structure plays several key biological functions essential for virus replication. The cap i) increases mRNA stability by protecting mRNA from 5’ exoribonucleases, ii) ensures the recruitment of mRNA to the ribosomes by recognizing eukaryotic translation Initiation Factor (eIF4E), and initiates the translation of mRNA into proteins. In addition, it was also demonstrated that the cap structure is a marker of “self”, preventing detection by mechanisms of cellular innate immunity (2, 3).

The aim of this project is to develop tools to unravel the capping process of RSV and to identify compounds inhibiting the RSV replication in infected cells. We hope that this project will allow the development of new antiviral strategies targeting the capping pathway of RSV and thus limiting the virus replication and/or inducing a stronger antiviral response activating the clearance of the viral.

 Description du poste :

Nous recherchons un ingénieur de recherche ou d’étude pour initier ce projet innovant en collaboration avec l’industrie. Le projet consiste à mettre en oeuvre des tests biochimiques pour caractériser les activités méthyltranférases et de synthèse de la structure coiffe de la protéine L du virus RSV. Cet ingénieur aura pour rôle la mise ne place de ce projet.

 Missions :

  • Production et purification de protéine recombinantes
  • Mise au point des essais enzymatiques permettant de suivre les activités de synthèse des structures coiffes et leur méthylation (fluorescent & radioactif).
  • Biochimie, test d’activité enzymatique
  • Détermination d’IC50
  • Restitution orale et écrite en anglais des résultats aux collaborateurs

 Profil :

  • Doctorat ou diplôme d’ingénieur de recherche exigé
  • Bonne connaissance de la vie de laboratoire ;
  • Maîtrise de la biochimie et enzymologie
  • Connaissances générales en Biologies cellulaire et moléculaire, ou virologie
  • Maîtrise de l’anglais technique et professionnel
  • Maîtrise de l’outil informatique bureautique
  • Rigueur scientifique

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