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Biobank of derived viral products

AFMB has been involved in several large scale Structural Virology projects and has developed a library of expression plasmids, recombinant proteins and tools dedicated to the understanding of the viral replication processes. This library is maintained and improved owing to method development in order to make this unique resource available to the scientific community. This work is supported by the European Research infrastructure EVA (European Virus Archive,

Access to

Academics and private companies.


Specific Equipment

  • More than 2000 expression plasmids and viral cDNAs.
  • Access to the protein production facilities in the AFMB lab.


Costs depend on the project, user and user location.

Examples of publications citing this facility or its development methods

  • Drexler JF et al. (2013) Evidence for novel hepaciviruses in rodents. PLoS Pathog. 9, e1003438
  • Nougairede et al (2013) Random codon re-encoding induces stable reduction of replicative fitness of Chikungunya virus in primate and mosquito cells. PLoS Pathog. 9, e1003172
  • Ulferts R et al. (2013) Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor fluoxetine inhibits replication of human enteroviruses B and D by targeting viral protein 2C. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 57, 1952-6.
  • Bignon C et al. (2013) Improving the soluble expression of recombinant proteins by randomly shuffling 5’ and 3’ coding-sequence ends. Acta Crystallogr D 69, 2580-2
  • Le Breton M et al. (2011) Flavivirus NS3 and NS5 proteins interaction network: a high-throughput yeast two-hybrid screen. BMC Microbiol. 11, 234
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