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Head Nicolas TERRAPON

Establish the relationships between the aminoacid sequence of CAZymes and their specificity. We work in various areas from the exploration of the gut microbiota to the search of novel enzymes for biofuel production or blood group conversion.

Host-pathogen interactions
Head Alain ROUSSEL

Characterize at the biochemical level the molecules involved in these processes, define the way they interact and study their tridimensional structure by X-ray crystallography.

Structural Disorder and Molecular Recognition
Head Sonia LONGHI

Identify, characterize and elucidate the functional role of disordered regions within proteins relevant in terms of human health.

Structural Glycobiology and Neurobiology
Heads Yves BOURNE, Pascale MARCHOT

Characterize and describe the molecular architectures and functional mechanisms of carbohydrate-active enzymes, sensor domains and lectins, and of enzymes, receptors and cell adhesion molecules with a neurobiological interest.

Viral Macromolecular Complexes

Identify, isolate and characterize the structure and function of multifunctional macromolecular complexes that rule essential processes of viral infection involving viral replication, transcription and host interactions.

Viral Replicases: Structure, function and drug-design
Head Bruno CANARD

Unravel the molecular mechanisms of emerging viruses by characterizing the structures and the enzymatic activities of proteins forming the viral replication and transcription complex. Develop new antiviral strategies.

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