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The AFMB lab has developped three state-of-the-art technological facilities accredited by the IBiSA national label along with a biobanking ressource and a support service for the production of nanobodies. These infrastructures are used on a daily basis by the staff members and by external users. They are also a remarkable support to teaching and training activities.

Biobank of derived viral products
Head Bruno COUTARD

A library of expression plasmids, recombinant proteins and tools dedicated to the understanding of the viral replication that is made available to the scientific community

Screening Platform Marseille-Luminy (PCML)
Head Jean-Claude GUILLEMOT

The screening facility of Marseille-Luminy (PCML) is linked to several topics in antiviral research and drug design. It is a part of the Antiviral Drug Design Platform (AD2P).

Selection and production of camelid VHH/nanobodies
Heads Alain ROUSSEL, Christian CAMBILLAU, Aline DESMYTER

This service offers a set of services ranging from camelid nanobodies selection up to their production and characterization (SPR, BLI, micro-cal).

Structural Biology
Head Alain ROUSSEL

A large panel of complementary techniques and expertise to tackle the tridimensional structure of proteins or macromolecular assemblies from the corresponding genes.

The CAZy bioinformatics
Head Bernard HENRISSAT

Perform the analysis of genomes and metagenomic datasets in order to identify the encoded enzymes for the assembly and breakdown of complex carbohydrates.

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