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Thi Hong Van NGUYEN

Postdoctoral fellow

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Biological researches and projects:
- May.2011 to Dec.2012: Investigated 2 Student Researches, Department of Biotechnology, University of Agriculture and Forestry, HCM city, Vietnam
- Nov.2012 to Jun.2013: Carried out Bachelor Thesis, Center of Ginseng and Medicinal Materials Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
- May.2014 to Aug.2014: Carried out Master Internship, Hanoi University of Pharmacy, Vietnam
- Mar.2015 to Oct.2015: Carried out Master Thesis, Institute of Sophia Agrobiotech, Nice Sophia-Antipolis University, France
- Nov. 2016 to 2019: PhD student at the AFMB Lab with the project of MERS coronavirus and Arenavirus
- From Jan. 2020 to now: Postdoctoral fellowship, has been working with the project of Flavivirus, especially, DENV and ZIKA.

- 1.Structure and oligomerization state of the C-terminal region of the Middle East respiratory syndrome Coronavirus nucleoprotein. 2019. Thi Hong Van Nguyen, Julie Lichiere, Bruno Canard, Nicolas Papageorgiou, Sarah Attoumani, Bruno Coutard and François Ferron. Acta Crystallographica.

2.Discovery of a potential inhibitor against Arenaviridae NP exonuclease. 2020. Thi Hong Van Nguyen, Elsie Yekwa, Isabelle Imbert, Barbara Selisko, Bruno Canard, and François Ferron. Antiviral Research.

3.Brothers in Arms: Structure, Assembly and Function of Arenaviridae Nucleoprotein. 2020. Nicolas Papageorgiou, Maria Spiliopoulou, Thi Hong Van Nguyen, Afroditi Vaitsopoulou, Elsie Yekwa Laban, Karine Alvarez, Irene Margiolaki, Bruno Canard and François Ferron. Viruses.

4.Design, synthesis, and evaluation of 2,4-diketo acids targeting Arenavirus LCMV endonuclease. 2020. Clémence Mondielli, Sergio Hernandez, Thi Hong Van Nguyen, Rafik Kaci, Claudia Sepulveda, Cybel Garcia, François Ferron, Jean-Jacques Vasseur, Bruno Canard, Carine Baraguey, and Karine Alvarez. Medicinal Chemistry.

5. The antiviral agents for treatment of human coronaviruses. 2020. Thi Hong Van Nguyen, Bruno Canard and François Ferron. Biomedical Journal.

During the time in University in Vietnam, she learned many techniques: Plant genetic engineering, Microbiological experiments, Tissue culture in plants and animals, PCR, western-blot. Besides, she studied about medicinal herbs and how to perform Biochemical experiments such as Thin-layer chromatography, Column chromatography, High performance liquid chromatography, Extracting medicinal materials in many methods and solvents, Isolating proteins or secondary compounds. She also learned Protein purification, DNA purification, microscale thermalphoresis assay, thermal shift assay, radioactive assay, virtual docking/virtual screening, RNA-protein binding, protein crystallization, X-ray diffraction, 3D structural protein determination.

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