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Viral Macromolecular Complexes


Latest Publications

  1. Pre-initiation and elongation structures of full-length La Crosse virus polymerase reveal functionally important conformational changes (2020) Arragain B, Effantin G, Gerlach P, Reguera J, Schoehn G, Cusack S, Malet H. Nat Commun in press PMID:32681014
  2. Structure and function of the Toscana virus cap-snatching endonuclease. (2019) Jones R, Lessoued S, Meier K, Devignot S, Barata-Garcia S, Mate M, Bragagnolo G, Weber F, Rosenthal M, Reguera J. Nucleic Acids Res 47 10914-10930 PMID:31584100
  3. The fungal ribonuclease-like effector protein CSEP0064/BEC1054 represses plant immunity and interferes with degradation of host ribosomal RNA. (2019) Pennington HG, Jones R, Kwon S, Bonciani G, Thieron H, Chandler T, Luong P, Morgan SN, Przydacz M, Bozkurt T, Bowden S, Craze M, Wallington EJ, Garnett J, Kwaaitaal M, Panstruga R, Cota E, Spanu PD. PLoS Pathog 15 e1007620 PMID:30856238
  4. Structure-based optimization of a PDZ-binding motif within a viral peptide stimulates neurite outgrowth. (2019) Khan Z, Terrien E, Delhommel F, Lefebvre-Omar C, Bohl D, Vitry S, Bernard C, Ramirez J, Chaffotte A, Ricquier K, Vincentelli R, Buc H, Prehaud C, Wolff N, Lafon M. J Biol Chem 294 13755-13768 PMID:31346033
  5. High-Throughput Production of a New Library of Human Single and Tandem PDZ Domains Allows Quantitative PDZ-Peptide Interaction Screening Through High-Throughput Holdup Assay. (2019) Duhoo Y, Girault V, Turchetto J, Ramond L, Durbesson F, Fourquet P, Nomine Y, Cardoso V, Sequeira AF, Bras JLA, Fontes CMGA, Trave G, Wolff N, Vincentelli R. Methods Mol Biol 2025 439-476 PMID:31267466
  6. High-Throughput Production of Oxidized Animal Toxins in Escherichia coli. (2019) Duhoo Y, Sequeira AF, Saez NJ, Turchetto J, Ramond L, Peysson F, Bras JLA, Gilles N, Darbon H, Fontes CMGA, Vincentelli R. Methods Mol Biol 2025 165-190 PMID:31267452
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Our team focuses on understanding viral infection mechanisms often ruled by the interplay of viral proteins, cellular proteins and nucleic acids assembled into multifunctional complexes. The aim is to understand the mechanisms by which the multiple enzymatic activities are coordinated between them and regulated to efficiently carry out infection. To reach our goals we use a broad range of biochemical and biophysical technics combined with X-ray crystallography and electron microscopy.

The mainstream of our research is the functional and structural characterization of the alphavirus replication complex. Alphavirus, like chikungunya virus (CHIK) or eastern equine encephalitis virus (EEEV), cause zoonotic infectious diseases with high impact in global human health. The viral genome replication and gene expression is carried out by the multifunctional viral replication complex. Interestingly this complex can adopt different functions depending on its state of maturation. Our goal is to structurally and functionally characterize the different functional states of the replication complex in order to propose an integrative mechanistic model accurately describing at the molecular level the viral infection cycle and its regulation. The results will provide invaluable insights and tools for the development of new strategies for the treatment of these concerning infectious diseases.

Jean-Baptiste BOITEL
Maria MATE
Quoc Phong NGUYEN

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