Wednesday 28th, September 2022 10:00

AFMB lab


We are excited to announce the upcoming seminar “Single-molecule biology with correlative fluorescence optical tweezers” to be held on September 28th at 10am, in the “Salle de Séminaires – AFMB – UMR7257 CNRS – Aix-Marseille Université   During this seminar, we will present the C-Trap®, that provides the world’s first dynamic single-molecule microscope to allow simultaneous manipulation and visualization of single-molecule interactions in real time. It combines high-resolution optical tweezers, fluorescence and label-free microscopy with advanced microfluidics in a truly integrated system. Its unique Nobel Prize-winning technology enables you to observe molecular processes in action and obtain direct, indisputable evidence of underlying molecular mechanisms. We will give an overview of the different applications that are possible with this technology :

  • DNA-binding proteins
  • Protein folding
  • Cytoskeletal structure and transport
  • Phase separation.

Published on September 6, 2022