The screening facility of Marseille-Luminy (PCML) is linked to several topics in antiviral research and drug design.

Our service is highly flexible and allows external users to choose from several research services (collaboration, agreement service,…). PCML offers its expertise and know-how at various levels:

Screening inhibitors of proteins and viral enzymes

  • Screening using viral enzymes and biochemical characterization
  • Inhibitor screening of protein-protein or protein-ligand interactions
  • Low-scale high-throughput screening of biochemical assays

Chemical library

  • From library available at AFMB
  • From diversity-oriented library
  • SAR studies

Development of new technologies

  • Small-scale assays
  • Fluorescence assays
  • Other assays (e.g., HTRF)

PCML also offers the possibility to screen for compounds likely to inhibit the catalytic activity of a specific enzyme or to screen for other compounds using our enzyme catalog.

PCML is a partner of the multi-site Marseille Screening Center (MaSC) facility ( ;, labelled by IBISA in 2022 and Aix-Marseille technological platform in 2023. This collaborative network was launched in 2005 and consists of PCML, the viral screening facility of Marseille-Timone (PCVMT, resp. Franck Touret) and the High throughput Screening facility from CRCM (HiTS, resp. Xavier Morelli). Such a federation of complementary expertise creates a dynamic interface for project development and optimization.


Academia and industries


To be defined from the service requested.

Specific equipment
  • 1 chemical library made of 76 000 compounds
  • 1 level 2 lab for biochemical experiments with radioactive sources
  • 1 level 2 lab for cell culture experiments
  • 1 liquid handling Beckman I5 equipped with a 96 tips and a 384 tips head
  • 1 liquid handling Beckman 4000 equipped with 1 or 8 tips heads
  • 1 scintillation counter MicroBeta trilux (Perkin Elmer)
  • 1 phospho-imager Amersham Typhoon (Life sciences)
  • 1 PheraStar omega (BMG Labtech)
  • 1 fluorimeter Tecan Safire2
  • 1 LISM

Publications issued from this facility

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Service projects

  • European Project IMICARE : Compounds screening and their characterization on the SARS-Coronavirus replicative complex
  • REGA Institute, Leuven/Belgium (IMICARE project) : Platting and providing of an industrial library
  • Society X : Screening on flaviviruses polymerases and determination of IC50 values on the interest molecules.
  • REGA Institute, Leuven/Belgium (SILVER project): providing of chemical library (ChemBridge)
  • AFMB “Structural disorder and molecular recognition: Development and miniaturization of an HTRF assay
  • REGA Institute, Leuven/Belgium: Determination of IC50 values on dengue virus (Flaviviridae) polymerase of potential inhibitors
  • Society X: Screening on Dengue virus polymerase and determination of IC50 values on the interest molecules.
  • Society X: specific assay development on Dengue NS5 and screening.
  • Society Fabre: screening compounds on the methyltransferase of different virus.


  • Multicentric study, F. Ausseil (CNRS-Fabre), L. Lafanechère (UJF-Grenoble), P. Villa (Strasbourg).
  • Bombay College Of Pharmacy, Mumbai : Screening of potential inhibitor molecules from Bombay College on four in-house methyltransferases (Coronaviridae, Flaviviridae, human).
  • FP7 European Project SILVER (Small-molecule Inhibitor Leads Versus emerging and neglected RNA viruses) : Characterization of several inhibitory molecules on Picornaviridae polymerases (specificity, Ki values, mode of inhibition), characterization of inhibitory molecules on dengue virus polymerase.
  • Institut de Chimie des Substances Naturelles (ICSN), la faculté de Pharmacie UMR 8076 Université Paris-Sud et le LIVE-UNCEA université de Nouvelle Calédonie: Screening of natural extracts and fractions (Bioguided fractionation), discovery of inhibitors of Dengue virus polymerase, biochemical characterization of inhibitors on dengue virus polymerase and specificity towards other virus polymerases, determination of cytotoxicity and inhibitory potency on replicon system.
  • Institut Curie Paris, Institut de chimie des substances naturelles (ICSN) and School of Biotechnology and Pharmacy, Strasbourg within ANR Dengue: Screening of “chimiothèque nationale”, discovery of inhibitors of Dengue virus polymerase, biochemical characterization of inhibitors on dengue virus polymerase and specificity towards other virus polymerases, determination of cytotoxicity and inhibitory potency on replicon system.
  • FP6 European Project VIZIER (Comparative Structural genomics of Viral Enzymes involved in Replication) : Discovery of an inhibitor of dengue virus nucleoside-2’O methyltransferase, screen of molecules on Coxsackie virus B3 polymerase (Picornaviridae)
  • Center for Infectious Desease Research, School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences, University of Queensland : test of the inhibitory effect of anti-West-Nile virus NS5 antibodies on polymerase activity.
  • Collaboration with Prestwick Chemical (ANR VMTasIn) : screening of the Prestwick library by HTRF on Dengue and SARS methytransferases.
  • Collaboration with the virology laboratory, biological chemistry department of the exact and natural sciences of the faculty of Buenos Aires, Argentina : Analysis of the inhibitory effect of anti-dengue virus compounds on viral NS5 protein activities


PCML has a current pattent in valorisation by the SATT-SE (Dengue antivirals: new active chemical entities against the Dengue virus n°EP13305019.5 (20th June 2013)), targeting the 4 serotypes of the Dengue virus and others members of the Flavivirus family, human pathogens, as the Zika virus.