Monday 27th, March 2023 11:00

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Within EMBL Grenoble, I explored by cryo-EM structures related to Chikungunya Viral Replication (1) and Axonal Wallerian Degeneration (2) and we developed a cryo-EM automatization pipeline called ‘Easygrid’ (3). I will present how we use single-particle cryo-EM to structurally decipher the role of nsP1/3 in Chikungunya Viral Replication (1) and the process of Wallerian Degeneration in Axons (2). I will introduce Easygrid (3), an automated cryo-EM grid preparation and evaluation pipeline for single-particle and in situ cryo-EM. From human pathogenic Chikungunya Virus, I will build a bridge towards another +ssRNA virus: Plant pathogenic Potyvirus Y. I will present how I aim to study Potyvirus Y Replication using single-particle and in situ cryo-EM approaches.

Published on March 9, 2023