– 2021 Habilitation to Supervise Research (HDR). Life and health sciences. University of Toulon.

– 2007 Doctoral thesis (Ph.D.) Division of Experimental Medicine. McGill University. Montreal. Canada.

– 2000 Bachelor’s degree (B.Sc.) Molecular biology and biotechnology. University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM). Montreal. Canada.

Professional experience

– 2014 – Lecturer. University of Toulon- AMU- AFMB (Architecture and Function of biological macromolecules). Marseille. France.  “Elucidation of biochemical and molecular mechanisms involved in processes related to viral infections due to RNA viruses”.

Project 1: Functional characterization of the different methyl and guanylyl transferase activities of alpha-like viruses.

Project 2: Study of the role of ORF 1 proteins of hepatitis E virus (HEV) in viral escape.

Project 3 : Macro domain as a new target for antiviral development in polarity-positive RNA viruses.

– 2010 -2013 Associate Professor. University of Toulon- MAPIEM (Materials – Polymers – Interfaces – Marine Environment). Toulon. France.  “New approach against biofouling: Targeting the bacterial communication system (Quorum Sensing)”.

– 2009 – 2010 Researcher-postdoc CNRS-AFMB (Architecture and function of biological macromolecules). Marseille. France. “Involvement of Alphavirus non-structural proteins in viral escape: Applications as new targets for antiviral agents”.

– 2008 -2009 Researcher-postdoc Institut Paoli Calmettes-INSERM. Marseille. France. “Biomarkers: from fundamental discovery to targeted therapies in cancerology”.

– 2007 Researcher-doctoral fellow Clinical Research Institute of Montreal. Montreal. Canada. “Production and molecular characterization of the pro-protein convertase1/3”.



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