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Senior researcher

AFMB Polytech Case 925
Campus de Luminy
163 Avenue de Luminy
13288 Marseille CEDEX 09
Fax: +33 491 82 86 38

phone: 491 82 86 46

Viral Replicases : Structure, Mechanism and Drug-Design


Curriculum vitae

Bruno Canard obtained a PhD in 1991 in Microbiology and Biochemistry from the Université of Paris VII at the Institut Pasteur (mentor: Dr. Stewart T. Cole), Paris, and post-doctoral training in 1995-1998 at Harvard Medical School, Dept. Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology (mentor: Dr. Charles C. Richardson), Boston. He is currently principal investigator of the team "Viral Replication: Structure, Mechanisms, and Drug Design" at the Architecture and Functions of Biological Macromolecules Laboratory, Aix-Marseille Université, Marseille, France, where he holds a CNRS position as Directeur de Recherche. His current interests are the structure and function of enzymes involved in viral replication and RNA capping, and their use in antiviral drug design.

Latest Publications

  1. Van Helden J, Butter CD, Achaz G, Canard B , Casane D, Claverie JM, Colombo F, Courtier V, Ebright H, Graner F, Leitenberg M, Morand S, Petrovsky N, Segreto R, Decroly E, Halloy J
    The Lancet 20
  2. Ferron F, Sama B, Decroly E, Canard B
    Trends Biochem Sc in press
  3. Ortega Granda O, Valle C, Shannon A, Decroly E, Canard B , Coutard B, Rabah N
    J Virol In press
  4. Lo HS, Hui KPY, Lai HM, Khan KS, Kaur S, Huang J, Li JHZ, Chan AKN, Cheung HY, Ng KC, Ho JCW, Chen YW, Ma B, Cheung PMH, Shin D, Wang K, Lee MH, Selisko B, Eydoux C, Guillemot JC, Canard B , Wu KP, Liang PH, Dikic I, Zhong Zuo, Chan F K. L, Hui D S. C., Mok V C. T., Wong KB, Ko H, Shen Aik W, Chi Wai Chan M, Ng WL
    ACS Cent Sci 7 792-802
  5. Decroly E, Claverie JM, Canard B
    Virologie (Montrouge) In press

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