lundi 4 décembre 2023 11:00

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RNA is a central molecule in the lifecycle of RNA viruses, acting not only as messenger (m)RNA but also as a genome. The interactions that viral RNA establishes with the host cell remain, however, largely unknown. My laboratory has developed several approaches to determine systematically and comprehensively the complement of cellular RNA-binding proteins (RBPs) that interact with viral RNA in infected cells. Applied to different viral models, we discovered a new universe of critical host-virus interactions that are largely conserved across viral families. Amongst them, we discover a group of nuclear RBPs that shuttle to the cytosol upon infection to supress viral replication, representing a first line cellular defence against viruses. Moreover, I will explore a new mechanism by which certain viruses ensure the availability of nucleotides to feed viral replication. 

Publié le novembre 10, 2023