jeudi 25 mars 2021 11:00

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I would like to invite you to join the presentation seminar of the Mediterranean network for cryo-electron microscopy studies (MedNet Cryo-EM) on Thursday 25 at 11 am (next week). This network is framed in a broader collaborative initiative for developing correlative structural and biophysical studies with the scientific pole of Madrid, including their Cryo-EM facilities. The network aims to bring to the PACA scientific community new possibilities for having access to high end state-of-the-art Cryo-EM equipment and expertise, and new possibilities for networking. Some of you have already experienced successfully our current collaboration with the CNB microscopy services by collecting Cryo-EM data and preparing vitrified samples. Some results have already seen the light. I would like to introduce you the Spanish team, their platforms and your opportunities to have access. I believe this new option, in the absence of local high-end equipment, will render our scientific community even more competitive. The presentation will describe all the equipment’s currently available in Madrid and perspectives for the near future. We will also explain how to have free access through iNEXT, so you can explore the facilities and the feasibility of your projects, and if you want to further push your project you can also have access through a service contract with exclusive prices from the AFMB-EM Facility. We would also like to have your feedback as questions and suggestions so please don’t hesitate to join this presentation.

Publié le mars 19, 2021