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Cécilia EYDOUX

Research engineer

AFMB Polytech Case 925
Campus de Luminy
163 Avenue de Luminy
13288 Marseille CEDEX 09
Fax: +33 491 82 86 38

phone: 491 82 86 46

Viral Replicases : Structure, Mechanism and Drug-Design


Facilities : Screening Platform Marseille-Luminy (PCML)


2007-2020 : Research Engineer (AFMB – UMR7257) - PCML Operational manager Subject : Drug design against the emergent virus. Production/purification of recombinant proteins (bacteria). In vitro RNA synthesis. Radioactive and fluorescent enzymatic activity tests on RNA polymerases of different viruses (Dengue, Zika, HCV...), inhibitor screening and in vitro inhibition studies. Development of new technologies (fluorescence (HTRF...),radioactivity, robotisation, miniaturisation). Data base management. Students management.

2004-2007 : PhD (EIPL - UPR9025 Marseille). Subject : Biochemical and structural studies of HPLRP2. Production/purification of recombinant proteins (yeast). Determination of biochemical, enzymatic and physiological properties. Immuno-histological studies on human tissues, fluids and biopsies. HPLRP2 crystallization. In vitro inhibition studies.

Latest Publications

  1. Shannon A, Tuyet Le NT, Selisko B, Eydoux C , Alvarez K, Guillemot JC, Decroly E, Peersen O, Ferron F, Canard B
    Antiviral Res 178 104793
  2. Ferreira-Ramos AS, Li C, Eydoux C , Contreras JM, Morice C, Querat G, Gigante A, Perez Perez MJ, Jung ML, Canard B, Guillemot JC, Decroly E, Coutard B
    Antiviral Res 163 59-69
  3. Aouadi W, Eydoux C , Coutard B, Martin B, Debart F, Vasseur JJ, Contreras JM, Morice C, Querat G, Jung ML, Canard B, Guillemot JC, Decroly E
    Antiviral Res 144 330-339
  4. Benmansour F, Eydoux C , Querat G, de Lamballerie X, Canard B, Alvarez K, Guillemot JC, Barral K
    Eur J Med Chem 109 146-56
  5. Coulerie P, Nour M, Maciuk A, Eydoux C , Guillemot JC, Lebouvier N, Hnawia E, Leblanc K, Lewin G, Canard B, Figadere B
    Planta Med 79 1313-8

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