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Screening Platform Marseille-Luminy (PCML)

Head Jean-Claude GUILLEMOT

The screening facility of Marseille-Luminy (PCML) is linked to several topics in antiviral research and drug design. Our service is highly flexible and allows external users to choose from several research services (collaboration, agreement service,…). PCML offers its expertise and know-how at various levels:

  • Screening inhibitors of proteins and viral enzymes
    • Screening using viral enzymes and biochemical characterization
    • Inhibitor screening of protein-protein or protein-ligand interactions
    • Cytotoxicity and cellular screening of compounds
    • Low-scale high-throughput screening of biochemical assays
  • Chemical library
    • From library available at AFMB
    • From diversity-oriented library
    • Custom library synthesis and SAR studies
  • Development of new technologies
    • Small-scale assays
    • BRET in situ
    • Fluorescence assays
    • Other assays (e.g., HTRF)

PCML also offers the possibility to screen for compounds likely to inhibit the catalytic activity of a specific enzyme or to screen for other compounds using our enzyme catalog.

PCML is a partner of the multi-site Antiviral Drug Design Platform (AD2P) facility. This collaborative network has been launched in 2005 and consists of PCML, the viral screening facility of Marseille-Timone (PCVMT, resp. Gilles Querat) and the Interaction, Dynamics and Drug-design facility (INT-3D, resp. Xavier Morelli). Such a federation of complementary expertise creates a dynamic interface for project development and optimization.


Academics and industrials


Supply of library, assay development, other services:
Pr. Jean-Claude Guillemot

Specific equipment

  • 1 chemical library made of 60 000 compounds
  • 1 level 2 lab for biochemical experiments with radioactive sources
  • 1 level 2 lab for cell culture experiments
  • 1 liquid handling Beckman NX equipped with a 96 tips head
  • 1 liquid handling Beckman 3000 equipped with 1 or 8 tips tools
  • 1 scintillation counter WallacMicroBeta trilux (Perkin Elmer)
  • 1 phospho-imager Fujifilm (Life science)
  • 1 PheraStar omega (BMG Labtech)
  • 1 fluorimeter Tecan Safire2
  • 1 LISM


To be defined from the service requested.

Publications issued from this facility

  • Alkylated flavanones from the bark of Cryptocarya chartacea as dengue virus NS5 polymerase inhibitors (2011) Allard PM, Dau ET, Eydoux C, Guillemot JC, Dumontet V, Poullain C, Canard B, Gueritte F, Litaudon M. J Nat Prod 74:2446-53
  • Dengue virus replicons: production of an interserotypic chimera and cell lines from different species, and establishment of a cell-based fluorescent assay to screen inhibitors, validated by the evaluation of ribavirin’s activity (2010) Masse N, Davidson A, Ferron F, Alvarez K, Jacobs M, Romette JL, Canard B, Guillemot JC. Antiviral Res 86:296-305
  • Biochemical characterization of the (nucleoside-2\’O)-methyltransferase activity of dengue virus protein NS5 using purified capped RNA oligonucleotides 7MeGpppACn and GpppACn (2010) Selisko B, Peyrane FF, Canard B, Alvarez K, Decroly E. J Gen Virol 91:112-21
  • Identification of allosteric inhibitors blocking the Hepatitis C Virus polymerase NS5B in the RNA synthesis initiation step (2009) Betzi S, Eydoux C, Bussetta C, Blemont M, Leyssen P, Debarnot C, Ben-Rahou M, Haiech J, Hibert M, Gueritte F, Grierson DS, Romette JL, Guillemot JC, Neyts J, Alvarez K, Morelli X, Dutartre H, Canard B. Antiviral Res 84:48-59
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